Episode 7 – Todd Solek


Todd Solek is the owner of Farm To Hearth, a unique bakery in Haddam, CT. Todd makes bread the old fashioned way, with locally raised grains and all natural wild yeast fermentation, baking in small batches in a wood fired oven. Todd’s taken an unusual path in life, with a background that includes military service and professional cage fighting, and brings to his work a drive and intensity that seem more at home in the octagon than in front of an oven. He’s an interesting guy, and I enjoyed talking to him about bread, strength training, the rewards and challenges of owning a craft business, the similarities between baking and hunting, and more.

For a nice mix of artisanal baking and beast mode workout videos, follow Todd’s instagram: @farmtohearth or visit his website at http://www.farmtohearth.com

Farm To Hearth bread can be purchased at these markets:




And is served at these restaurants:









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